SOLID Learning

SOLID Learning

Integrating 3D Printing and other emergent technologies into educational settings.


“I encourage everyone to examine the ongoing development of SOLID Learning and to provide their input to this concept. The links below will be updated as participants and teachers provide additional materials of interest to this effort.”Kalani Kirk Hausman

SOLID Learning is an educational model developing from the STEMulate Learning program’s workshops. The intent of SOLID Learning is to integrate rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing technologies into the educational setting to provide educators and students with resources available in a downloadable format that can be created directly into a physical form using whatever type of 3D printing systems schools have available. This site has been spun off from STEMulate Learning to provide an easy reference for SOLID Learning’s ongoing development and reference for our participating schools and educators.

SOLID Learning Links [more to be added over time]:


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